Giborim Ktanim

Giborim Ktanim (2006)

Giborim Ktanim

A girl's heroic spirit and her faithful dog's phenomenal courage join to perform an impossible rescue! Snubbed by her small-town neighbors, Charley Wilson and her German shepherd Fuzz, meet a true friend in Alonzo - a gruff old farmer who admires Charley and Fuzz for their funny antics and sense of real adventure. When Alonzo finds himself in big trouble that threatens his very life, it's girl and dog to the rescue! Charley and Fuzz help the entire town see how prejudice hurts everybody, as they prove that miracles-the heroes-come in all sizes.

  • Itai Lev


Просмотры: 86
Премьера: 2006-01-01
themoviedb icon 7.5/10
  • Страна: IL
  • Язык: עִבְרִית
  • Длит.: 78
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Miki Kam

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