Shadow Chasers

Shadow Chasers (2000)

Shadow Chasers

This feature-length documentary is a portrait of eclipse chasers, people for whom solar eclipses - among nature's more spectacular phenomena – are a veritable obsession. The film follows 4 of them as they travel incredible distances to witness the last total eclipse of the millennium as it sweeps eastward across Europe to India. At various points along the way enthusiasts Alain Cirou in France, Paul Houde in Austria, Olivier Staiger in Germany and Debasis Sarkar in India offer their impressions of the historic event.

  • Jean Marc Larivière


Просмотры: 38
Премьера: 2000-09-23
  • Страна: DE, CA, FR, IN, AT
  • Язык: Français
  • Длит.: 58
James Hyndman
James Hyndman
Alain Cirou
Alain Cirou

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