Dry Grass in a Blue Vase

Dry Grass in a Blue Vase (2013)

Сухая трава в синей вазе

Though the film has synopsis, consider it as a visual poem. Like a photograph - moment in time, without ending or beginning, a glimpse of episode of someone's life. A fading dream. The story follows an old lady whose husband was a member of a secret guild, the sacred worship. For centuries it guarded the closed Door in a silent, isolated house at the end of the world. The Door was sealed so long ago, that no one can remember what was hidden behind it. After the unexpected death of her husband, she was the last who knows about the secret, that had been kept for centuries.

  • Maria Ivanova

Просмотры: 57
Премьера: 2013-07-27
  • Язык: en
  • Длит.: 6

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