Strife for Mastery

Strife for Mastery (1978)

Shui yue men

A feudal lord from China sends his son off to kill a criminal who has murdered thirteen of his men and has stolen a large sum of gold. The son, played by David Chiang, abandons his duty (without the will to live an assassin's life anymore) and leaves the Criminal with his life in exchange for his daughter to wed. David Chiang runs off with the criminal's daughter, and is then faced with rising conflict and more destruction to his family after he had abandoned his post. David Chiang must pull himself together and fight for his life.

  • Raymond Lui

Просмотры: 71
Премьера: 1978-09-13
  • Страна: HK
  • Язык: 普通话
  • Длит.: 85
David Chiang
David Chiang
Wong Sau-ying

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