My Brother, the Lord

My Brother, the Lord (1966)

Ο Αδελφός μου, ο... Λόρδος

A car electrician, Charis, spends all his money on tailors in order to give the appearance of a "lord". He constantly fights with his brother, Vasilis, who is also a day laborer (painter), saddled with all the joint expenses of the house. Charis believes that his looks will someday attract a rich wife and thus change his life and solve all his problems. Martha, however, the wealthy daughter of the shipowner Karapezis, falls in love with and marries his brother Vasilis (after he saved her life) without regard for her father's opinion or Vasilis' lack of money.

  • Vagelis Seilinos


Просмотры: 61
Премьера: 1966-01-01
themoviedb icon 6.0/10
  • Язык: ελληνικά
  • Длит.: 86

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