The Heirs of Karampoumpounas

The Heirs of Karampoumpounas (1959)

Οι Κληρονόμοι του Καραμπουμπούνα

A notary calls in the office three brothers: Theophrastus, Telis and Kokkovio Karampoumpouna and announces the death of their distant uncle from Chicago, who left their legacy sixty thousand US dollars, provided to start a company together. Telis, the most intelligent, has its own photography and aims, with the help of his fiancée Bubi, eat whole heritage. Two friends Bubi, Mirka and Jenny, are employed, diplaronoun naive and the plan seems to be going well.

  • Peter Giannakos


Просмотры: 36
Премьера: 1959-01-01
  • Язык: ελληνικά
  • Длит.: 78

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