A and B in Ontario

A and B in Ontario (1984)

A and B in Ontario

“Hollis and I came back to Toronto on holiday in the summer of '67. We were staying at a friend's house. We worked our way through the city and eventually made it to the island. We followed each other around. We enjoyed ourselves. We said we were going to make a film about each other - and we did.” - Joyce Wieland A & B in Ontario was completed eighteen years after the original material was shot. After Frampton's death, the film was assembled by Wieland into a cinematic dialogue in which the collaborators (in the spirit of the sixties) shoot each other with cameras.

  • Hollis Frampton
  • Joyce Wieland

Просмотры: 59
Премьера: 1984-01-01
  • Страна: CA
  • Язык: en
  • Длит.: 16

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