Captive Factory Girls 2: The Revolt

Captive Factory Girls 2: The Revolt (2007)

Kankin kôjô: Hangyaku no Amazones-tachi

After Azusa witnesses a rape at her previous job, she takes a job at a steel factory in a desolate part of town. Her co-workers hate her and her only friend is a young girl, Naomi. A security guard sexually abuses Azusa and Naomi disappears under mysterious circumstances. While the mystery surrounding Naomi’s disappearance deepens, Azusa finds a clue and the stage is set for a climactic showdown at the factory.

  • Mikio Hirota


Просмотры: 51
Премьера: 2007-01-01
  • Страна: JP
  • Язык: 日本語
  • Длит.: 74

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