Ai (2008)


The traces left by the era of the samurai are still with us today. From this rich history of this ancient warrior culture comes a tale of honor, vengeance and redemption with a dark, sense of meaningless fatality. It is the origin story of a cursed vigilante, Ai, hell-bent on disposing those responsible for her clan's demise. Inspired by the great tradition of samurai cinema, Ai is an exploration of the era of the samurai and explores the themes of dormant fury for those who have lost loved ones and are driven to the point of madness with revenge.

  • Raffi Asdourian


Просмотры: 43
Премьера: 2008-12-01
  • Язык: 日本語
  • Длит.: 13
  • Бюджет: $10,000

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