The Gigolos

The Gigolos (2006)

The Gigolos

Sacha is an aging, well-established London 'male escort' with a select clientèle of weekly socialite ladies, such as baroness James, who expect an impeccable service he can only provide thanks to his in-living 'orderly', handsome 'clever Trevor', who moonlights as nude arts class model. Ben is a rising novice, who seeks their coaching. When Sasha makes a bad fall, Trevor must cover during his recovery, but jealous Sasha is far from grateful.

  • Richard Bracewell


Просмотры: 51
Премьера: 2006-04-26
  • Страна: GB
  • Язык: English
  • Длит.: 95
Anna Massey
Anna Massey
Susannah York
Susannah York
Tessa Harrington

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