The Game

The Game (1989)

Il gioko

Diana begins to teach at a prestigious school, after suffering a trauma years earlier. Soon, however, happen little disturbing facts and discovers that the teacher who had preceded died in an accident rather strange, they seem to have a secret in common, the same director of the school holds an ambiguous attitude. Diana has the comfort of a police commissioner, but he has doubts about what she sees and the facts that happen. And when Anna, a pupil disappears and Diana is chosen by the students as their chaperone on a school trip ... Over all hovers the shadow of a mysterious game which all deny knowing anything.

  • Lamberto Bava


Просмотры: 49
Премьера: 1989-01-01
themoviedb icon 5.7/10
  • Страна: IT
  • Язык: English | Italiano
  • Длит.: 97

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