The Trap

The Trap (1988)


One night in a hotel room spent with unknown woman throws young man into hard nightmare, from which he wakes up only to fall asleep again and fall back to it. He dreams about escaped soldier who breaks in the mountain cottage on New Year's Eve where he meets two couples in orgy. Soldier's fear and despair grow, just like madness of drunken couples. The soldier suddenly sees his picture on the TV's monitor, and terrified realizes that he's the prosecuted one. A severe impact on the door frightens him, and he starts shooting. Only one of them he leaves alive. And then he kills himself. He wakes up distraught in a hotel room, in horror he looks at the woman next to him - a woman from his dream, gets dressed and leaves.

  • Suada Kapić


Просмотры: 51
Премьера: 1988-01-01
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • Страна: BA, RS
  • Язык: Bosanski
  • Длит.: 72
Milena Zupančič
Milena Zupančič
Sašina žena
Mustafa Nadarević
Mustafa Nadarević
Radko Polič
Radko Polič
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Haris Burina
Haris Burina

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