Good to Go

Good to Go (2013)

Srečen za umret

Ivan is a retired music teacher in his late 70s, and has grown weary of life. His estranged son never matched up to his expectations anyway, he is still eaten up with jealousy of his brother, who always enjoys life to the full, and - above all - he cannot keep up with the changes around him. He buys himself a plot in a graveyard with an beautiful view of the Alps and checks into a retirement home so he can wait for his death in peace. However, the exact opposite happens: for the first time in his life Ivan starts to actually live.

  • Matevž Luzar


Просмотры: 62
Премьера: 2013-04-03
  • Страна: HR, SI
  • Язык: Slovenščina
  • Длит.: 100
Milena Zupančič
Milena Zupančič
Janez Škof
Janez Škof
Undertaker Frenk
Silva Čušin
Silva Čušin
Nursery Home Manager

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