In the Mountains

In the Mountains (2003)

Na planincah

Sani, a boy in puberty, and his elder brother Amir spend their summer holidays as usual in Slovenia to visit his uncle and his wife. The summer is beautiful, long and hot. Sani enjoys meeting new people, he likes the girls and the carefree fun. However, he does not realize that this is more than a vacation, namely, that he would stay in Slovenia. When he finds out about these plans that his relatives made for his life Sani is distressed and shocked. Under the pressure of these new and unexpected circumstances, his puberty turns into a wild chase.

  • Miha Hočevar


Просмотры: 47
Премьера: 2003-09-18
themoviedb icon 8.0/10
  • Страна: SI
  • Язык: Slovenščina
  • Длит.: 96
Milena Zupančič
Milena Zupančič
Mustafa Nadarević
Mustafa Nadarević
Mustafa Nadarević
Jurij Zrnec
Jurij Zrnec
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