Two Guns for Two Twins

Two Guns for Two Twins (1966)

Dos pistolas gemelas

Sally and Jennie are twin sisters who travel the American West with his uncle Nathan who makes his living as a tooth-puller and also sells a cure-all elixir. They travel by wagon and attract the audience with their dances and displays of marksmanship. Unexpectedly and before he dies, the old man manages to gain ownership of a ranch in a poker game. Now, the two girls are the new owners but the land is coveted by several people in town.

  • Rafael Romero Marchent

Просмотры: 38
Премьера: 1966-08-08
  • Язык: Español
  • Длит.: 92
Pilar Bayona
Pilar Bayona
Jenny Parker
Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn
Jimmy Trevor / Gringo

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