Willing Collaborators

Willing Collaborators (2014)

Uz Spēles Latvija

From Kultura.lv: With this full-length documentary, Director Pēteris Krilovs delves into an intricate and intriguing period in modern Latvian history, his father's death at the hands of the KGB intertwined with the underhanded game played by Soviet Latvian KGB agents against Swedish-English-American intelligence services. In the 1960s, a book was released and a feature film made, later, a pseudo-documentary TV series produced propagandizing how Soviet agents fooled their Western counterparts. This "game" and its players and pawns are the focus of Krilovs' documentary "Willing Collaborators".

  • Peteris Krilovs

Просмотры: 67
Премьера: 2014-08-23
  • Страна: LV
  • Язык: English | Latviešu
  • Длит.: 90

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