Overbooked (2012)


“Luxury, luxury, luxury… and not to be so alone.” Vanessa wants to spend her holiday at a comfortable resort. However, due to a booking error at the travel agents, Vanessa ends up on a barren desert island. The next ship doesn’t arrive for another week, so until then she has to cope with oddball lighthouse keeper Stanislav, and the highly unconventional and nonchalant Sebastian, who also has a right to the only shabby guest room. There’s no escape from this island – and the three gradually get to know each other over schnapps and pie. When a further guest arrives in the form of dubious businessman Felix and a body turns up in Stanislav’s cellar, the insular resort becomes the backdrop for a grotesque fight for life. In his debut feature, Matthias J. Michel cleverly repels various genre and character clichés to create an exceptional black comedy.

  • Matthias J. Michel


Просмотры: 56
Премьера: 2012-09-22
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • Страна: CH
  • Язык: Deutsch
  • Длит.: 98
Philippe Reinhardt
Philippe Reinhardt
Harald Bloch
Aviva Joel
Aviva Joel

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