Der Tiger Akbar

Der Tiger Akbar (1951)

Der Tiger Akbar

Jonny Wilken is an ageing lion trainer in a circus. He is in love with his younger colleague Jutta Sarris. On her wedding day, Jutta's favorite Bengal tiger attacks her out of jealousy and kills her. Jonny, full of pain and out of revenge, enters the cage to kill the animal with his bare hands. However, the tiger bows to him without any resistance.

  • Harry Piel


Просмотры: 39
Премьера: 1951-01-11
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • Страна: DE
  • Язык: Deutsch
  • Длит.: 122
Harry Piel
Harry Piel
Jonny Wilken
Hilde Hildebrand
Hilde Hildebrand
Madame Regina

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