Wala Ka Nang Puwang Sa Mundo

Wala Ka Nang Puwang Sa Mundo (1997)

Wala Ka Nang Puwang Sa Mundo

After many years of imprisonment, Miguel is finally freed. On the day of his liberation, Miguel promises himself a clean and honest life to win back the family he has lost during his incarceration. However, nobody wants to take in an ex-convict, his steadfast resolution finally breaks, and to find urgent money Miguel joins his former partner Roy in his latest venture. Miguel does not realize, however, that Roy's company actually involves a criminal activity which implicates Miguel in an abduction and ransom crime. Even worse, Roy's gang is competing against Castro's gang, so Miguel's life, and his family's, are put in constant danger. - Artemis-9

  • Ronnie Ricketts


Просмотры: 41
Премьера: 1997-10-22
  • Страна: PH

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