The New Option: The Campaign

The New Option: The Campaign (2003)

The New Option: The Campaign

Eighth film in the series titled The New Option. A crime syndicate specializing in the making of counterfeit credit cards was very active in Hong Kong and the nearby Guangdong Province. The Hong Kong police found out that the syndicate had its headquarter in the mainland. One day, Stone's daughter Ling Ling and her boyfriend Mike was suddenly back from Canada. Unknown to Ling Ling, Mike worked for the counterfeit credit card syndicate. He went on a shopping spree with Ling Ling, then handed all the things they bought over to the syndicate. However, he grew careless, leaving a trail for the police. The syndicate killed Mike. Finally, could Stone and SDU rescue the situation?

  • Clarence Fok
  • Clarence Ford


Просмотры: 44
Премьера: 2003-08-01
  • Страна: HK
  • Язык: 广州话 / 廣州話

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