The Wild Goose on the Wing

The Wild Goose on the Wing (1979)


After studying drama in the UK, Tan-feng returns to Taiwan to investigate her sister's death. She suspects that her sister committed suicide because her boyfriend, Huai, jilted her. Out of bitterness, Tan-feng begins to plot her revenge by seducing Huai and his childish brother. However, things don't go to plan as she falls crazily in love with the enemy.

  • Lily Liu


Просмотры: 10
Премьера: 1979-03-24
  • Страна: TW
  • Язык: 普通话
  • Длит.: 101
Ma Yung-lin
Ma Yung-lin
Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin
Tao Tan-feng
Chin Han
Chin Han
Chiang Huai

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